WOD - Workout of the Day

At CrossFit Herzschlag we train in small groups up to a maximum of ten people, always under the guidance of our experienced coaches.

A typical class lasts one hour. This includes a group warm-up, a technique or strength portion and the joint Workout of the Day (WOD). The WOD is the heart of every class. Here, various exercises that you already know from the beginner course are completed in a predetermined time or number of rounds (e.g. weightlifting, gymnastics, strength, endurance etc.).

Maybe you haven't done any sport for a long time or don't feel “fit enough?” Don't be intimidated by CrossFit! Our coaches adapt all CrossFit movements to your fitness level. They work with you to increase your strength and endurance in the long term and to perform all movements correctly and efficiently. Convince yourself how our high-intensity, functional movements will change your overall health fitness.

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